About iLLumoo


We envision an inspired, innovative, and sustainable society with a shared vision, where everyone can define their future and adapt to this fast-changing, interconnected world.


Our mission is to help our clients future-proof their organisations by making strategic, lasting improvements in their business and sustainability performance, creating value fit for our changing world.


Our organisation is guided by core values essential to our success, which shape our interactions and the value we provide. 

Therefore, we like to make them explicit:

  • Reliable: We value openness, transparency, predictability, and loyalty.
  • Innovative: We are dedicated to cutting-edge or pioneering methods, embracing the unexplored, and relentlessly pursuing enhancement.
  • Entrepreneurial: We embody an entrepreneurial ethos, actively co-innovating alongside our customers to solve their problems creatively. 
  • Integer: We always honour our commitments and never compromise on quality, integrity or the environment.
  • Accountable: We embrace accountability for our actions and deeply value our customer's and team's trust.
  • Sustainable: We are dedicated to creating innovative solutions that satisfy customer requirements, drive business goals, and uphold sustainability principles.
  • Visionary: We are committed to thoroughly understanding your objectives and resources and ensuring our recommendations align with your strategy for today and tomorrow.
  • Adaptable: We proactively address the evolving economic and regulatory conditions that impact our customers and industry.


iLLumoo’s approach is defined by:

  • Our commitment to working alongside high-impact, driven, and ethical individuals is at the core of our culture. 
  • Industry insight and technical expertise allow us to communicate effectively with CEOs about global vision and with R&D experts, CTOs and COOs about technical and process efficiency. 
  • We have an entrepreneurial ethos. We innovate alongside our customers, helping them solve their problems creatively.
  • Embracing a local-to-global approach to foster meaningful connections, networks, and partnerships between our region and global communities. 
  • Creativity and rigour ensure unique ideas and sustainable breakthroughs for our customers. 
  • Recognising the irreplaceable nature of time, we prioritise speed and dedication to deliver tangible value quickly. By emphasising practicality over theory, we ensure swift value creation. 
  • Engaging directly with entrepreneurs and companies for effective collaboration.
  • Employing a no-nonsense attitude and an impartial viewpoint, we utilise hands-on strategies to prioritise activities that significantly enhance our customers' ROI.
  • We commit to creating meaningful change and providing customers with analytical expertise and practical support. We focus on fostering customer 'ownership' and developing them into change leaders.



We operate flexibly and are open to various payment options based on the situation. However, we do not work for free, and we exclusively engage with clients who fully recognise the value of our services.


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